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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

#ipict iPhone Photo Challenge

So here are the rules for the #ipict Twitter/iPhone photo challange!

1.No talking about #ipict (hehe, couldn't help myself)
2.Only iPhone's allowed (shooting and post production)
3.Shoot has to be arranged and planned using Twitter.
4.Only models that you have never worked with in the past allowed.
5.No studio lighting.
6.Closing date, end of Dec 2009

Starting date: NOW!!!

All photos will be posted and voted on by all the followers of those
taking part! This is just for fun and the prizes will be a couple
extra followers if we are lucky and hopefully some really cool and
creative images.

When posting images please make sure to add the #ipict tag and a short
explanation of what apps where used in the post production.
Have fun and let's start being creative!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Team Binkertson Finally Happened...


Sometimes in this industry there seems to be models that you speak to for aaaaaaaaages before you manage to finally get a shoot sorted out, sometimes diaries really do go against you when trying to take bookings. Well I finally managed to book my friend Madame Bink in for a shoot which was a mix of shooting for some of our favourite designers and some nude work.

Wardrobe was generally donated to us by Lady Lucie and Valkyrie Corsets and Madame Bink bought some Items with her from a great shop called Nikita Sablier. So with a mix of corsets, latex and vintage clothes we booked in a MUA Sarah Jane Ellis and were good to go.

The shoot was split over two days to give ourselves plenty of time, so day one was all of the fashion stuff and fetish stuff, which was a long day mixing studio and location work; but we got some really good shots and I think I managed to show how versatile a model Bink can be.

Here are some teaser shots from day one:

and the below shot is being featured in Scarlet Magazine in an advert for the lovely little shop: Nikita Sablier

Due to me going away on holiday tomorrow to relax and get some chill time in after a stressful first month being self employed i've not really had chance to edit many from the rest of our day. There are some behind the scenes videos on facebook though, lol, day 2 was made rather adventurous by climbing towers, hiding from buildings and cctv cameras, and generally just fooling around on location.

Below is a photo of Bink doing naked acrobatics up a really really REALLY tall tower!

No blog is complete without some naked Bink!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tattoo Updates - Lady Finished, Pocket Watch Finished, Razor Started

I had some time off work recently and managed (in between all of the chaos) to pop and see Leigh (Till I Die Designs) to get some more work done on my Old Skool Sleeve he is doing!

I'm really pleased with all of the work he's done so far... He's done an awesome Old Skool Cassette with Wings, A Hot Lady... and this time he Added a Triangle Pocket Watch, and A Cut Throat Razor.

This Session^ He finished off the Very Hot Lady, and Added the Pocket Watch and Cut Throat Razor (The Razor isn't complete yet). I think for our next session he's going to do one massive lining session, which will be a Mexican Sugar/Candy Skull Design, Some Swallows, and something Nautical to fill the gap by my wrist! Once all that's done hopefully i can book in for a day and get the whole arm coloured and my sleeve will be nearning completion which i am sooooo happy about, i hate waiting and incomplete things... but these things take time!

Keep your eyes peeled for a massive blog coming soon on my shenanigans and shoots from last week, there's loads of hot photo teasers to come and loads of behind the scenes shots!