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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Team Binkertson Finally Happened...


Sometimes in this industry there seems to be models that you speak to for aaaaaaaaages before you manage to finally get a shoot sorted out, sometimes diaries really do go against you when trying to take bookings. Well I finally managed to book my friend Madame Bink in for a shoot which was a mix of shooting for some of our favourite designers and some nude work.

Wardrobe was generally donated to us by Lady Lucie and Valkyrie Corsets and Madame Bink bought some Items with her from a great shop called Nikita Sablier. So with a mix of corsets, latex and vintage clothes we booked in a MUA Sarah Jane Ellis and were good to go.

The shoot was split over two days to give ourselves plenty of time, so day one was all of the fashion stuff and fetish stuff, which was a long day mixing studio and location work; but we got some really good shots and I think I managed to show how versatile a model Bink can be.

Here are some teaser shots from day one:

and the below shot is being featured in Scarlet Magazine in an advert for the lovely little shop: Nikita Sablier

Due to me going away on holiday tomorrow to relax and get some chill time in after a stressful first month being self employed i've not really had chance to edit many from the rest of our day. There are some behind the scenes videos on facebook though, lol, day 2 was made rather adventurous by climbing towers, hiding from buildings and cctv cameras, and generally just fooling around on location.

Below is a photo of Bink doing naked acrobatics up a really really REALLY tall tower!

No blog is complete without some naked Bink!