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Friday, 21 May 2010

Binkertson Workshop with Ivory Flame // Rotherham, UK // £185

Want to learn to shoot Fashion, Beauty or Nudes?

Want feedback on your portfolio and constructive advice on how to improve?

Want to learn about shoot etiquette, how to get published and how to get paid? // Team Binkertson

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What do you look for in a Blog?

Hello everyone,

I follow a lot of blogs, and I've noticed how people have their own 'in house' style within their own blogs; always concentrating on the same or similar content with every post. I was curious to know if they do it because it's what their readers want, or if it's a convenience thing. Which got me think wondering, what do you look for in a blog? (Relating to the photography/modelling industry)

- Long stories?
- Photoshoot photos?
- Behind the scenes photos?
- Retouching Tutorials? (Before and After etc)
- Random Photography related posts?
- Personal Projects?
- Inspirational Photos?

What grabs your attention and really keeps you coming back to a blog time and time again, would you like to be able to participate more within a blog? I.E. challenges and competitions?