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Monday, 30 May 2011

Client Shoot: Cassie Rae Wardle

Client Bookings: Cassie

I get models of all sorts booking me for shoots, for all sorts of reasons; they may be after some new additions to a portfolio because of a look change or through having out dated photos, or because they want to get some photos done in a specific way and have chosen me to be the photographer to take them.

Cassie is a relatively new model, but is full of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. She booked me for a quick teaser shoot to give her a few new photos for her book. It's so refreshing to work with such a happy and inquisitive new model, trying to find out all she can about the industry and working with the people she wants. She's switched on and knows what she wants to do.

You can find Cassie on Facebook at her fanpage CLICK HERE. Here's a few shots from our shoot.

If you wish to book me for a photoshoot you can email me directly on or visit my website

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mess around shoot with Katey Lauren

When I'm not busy with Client shoots and Agency work I like to try and keep busy with mess around shoots, with new and interesting faces I've not worked with before. Katey and I had been talking for a long time before we ever got around to this shoot. Katey does a lot of hair work so always has an interesting hair style/cut. 

Here's a few photos from our shoot.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

New iPhone and Bamboo Case

My old iPhone had a crack in the screen for so long (after having it replaced already) so I decided to just get the iPhone4. Being self employed, having something like the iPhone/iPad is an essential piece of kit for 'on the road' work. You can email, social network, take photos and of course make calls.

I decided to get a couple of cases for my new phone, a bamboo case that looks like a camera, and a leather case with screen protector. I got the Bamboo case from the ever popular site ETSY, from SigniCASE.

"SigniCASE was found in 2010. We’re committed to provide customized and unique products to customers while do no harm to our amazing planet earth. All products of us are made by eco-friendly materials. From product to packaging, we use natural renewable and recyclable materials where ever possible.

Wood is one of the most renewable materials around. Our wood products are made from the most commonly-available wood species. No threatened, endangered or tropical woods are used in any of our products. We made sure that all of the paper used in SigniCASE packaging was made completely from post-consumer stock and is fully recyclable.

You may even design your unique pattern at"

I'm really pleased with the quality, it looks great and is a great ice breaker in meetings and with clients. I really like some of the cool things you can find on ETSY, there's some very talented up and coming designers on there.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

The Wedding of Catherine and William

So I've recently been working on launching a new business and I'm currently in the process of assisting and shooting as many weddings as possible. I was lucky enough to bump into Christian Sinkinson at Focus on Imaging and he offered me some rather cool paid assistant jobs. 

My first with Christian was on Saturday 7th of May and was the wedding of Catherine and William, a beautiful young couple from Norfolk. The sun was shining and it was a glorious wedding, with around 120 guests.

The Wedding of Catherine & William, Hockwold Cum Wilton, Norfolk, Saturday 7th May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

Inspiration of the month: Magdalena Frackowiak by Tom Munro for Vogue Russia

Inspiration of the month: Magdalena Frackowiak by Tom Munro for Vogue Russia  

I appear to be liking a lot of editorials from Vogue Russia, might have to get myself a subscription to begin a collection of yet another magazine.
Following on from my model spotlight; Magdalena Frackowiak features in this awesome editorial shot by Tom Munro.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A shoot with Symara Templeman & Gemma Sutton

Gemma recently got back from her travels around the world, and was keen to get back into the swing of things back in the UK. We put our heads together and came up with a great little team for a shoot. We shot a mix of fashion and beauty, including some gorgeous couture head wear from Ava Ray London and some eclectic jewellery from Racer X Designs.

Make-up/Hair stylist: Gemma Sutton

Here's a little taster from the shoot, I'm sure there will be another blog about this shoot sometime soon.

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