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Monday, 22 February 2010

Team Binkertson's Second Shoot

Following on from Team Binkertson the beginning, Madame Bink and I decided that we wanted to take Team Binkertson and turn it into a creative outlet for ourselves. So we decided to create one off teams for special projects. After a lot of talking and planning, the team for Shoot II was confirmed and were as following;

Wardobe supplied by: Nikita Sablier

and of course Adam Robertson & Madame Bink

So with the team set and mood boards sent to all of the new members, it was just a case of waiting for the shoot date to come around. 

Now I could talk about this shoot for hours, but I think everything you could need to know about the shoot is summed up beautifully in our blog, some please head over there and check it out:

Also the ever so lovely Ivory Flame has also given the shoot/team a little mention over at her blog, so if you don't already I suggest you all head over there for a little read and to follow her blog too, it's full of creative and beautiful images and posts.

I'm really pleased with how the images came out, firstly the location shots because it was Freezing and Raining yet both models worked so hard to make some beautiful and slightly romantic and vintage looking fashion shots. Secondly the beauty duo nude work I find just beautiful, it's clean, bright, crisp and really adds a new dimension to the previous work i've done.

Here's a little sample of the days work;

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Interview on Design Splat

Design Splat - Interview

Every now and again I get asked to do an interview, which always ends up with the same old questions time and time again, this time I had Amber from designsplat asking me questions and they were really well thought out and interesting.

I'd never heard of the website before but I recommend you all go and check it out

Saturday, 13 February 2010