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Friday, 30 April 2010

Team Binkertson are going on tour

Team Binkertson are packing up their bags and heading off on a road trip late this summer/early autumn.

We'll be heading to:
Polmont - with easy access to Falkirk/Stirling/Edinburgh
Lochcarron - easy access to Skye

We are a photographer and model team so we are available for a wide range of projects :

**Model portfolio updates:**
Shooting with Adam Robertson with the option of Madame Bink assisting posing and directing, or working along side you during the shoot.

**Private commissions:**

- Designers, we have a lot of experience shooting your latest lines. We've been internationally published thanks to our ability of creating a great team of creatives. We have contacts all over the UK so no matter where you are, we can bring together a fabulous team.

- Models, want some slightly different images but not for your portfolio? Maybe your boyfriend has his birthday coming up or you just fancy a change with the knowledge that unless you want them to, the images won't go online? Discuss you're ideas with us and we'll help you achieve the images you want.

- Couples, we are happy to work with you! From head shots and family safe images to more sensual boudoir work. Share your desires with us and we'll ensure you have beautiful images be they sensitive and beautiful or something a little more naughty.

Wanting to hone your skills behind the camera? Then book us to help you. Adam Robertson can guide you with lighting and composition whilst Madame Bink can assist you in showing you how to pose a model.

Our experience includes:

Art Nude
Corsetry and latex

Things to know:
Rates will include our travel and accommodation costs, so we'll be offering a flat rate in order to give you the best value possible.

We're happy on location or in a studio/home studio environment depending on your needs and budget.

View more of our work and keep up to date with us at:

Team Binkertson //

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My website is back online -

I've missed my website, It’s been offline for a long time and a rather sore point when questioned about it. Much like anything that represents your business you want it done right. 

I hired a web designer and gave him a brief. After two months of the site being offline I thought things were finally well underway. After around three months that web designer decided he could no longer commit to the project for the agreed fee.

So back on the hunt and a new designer hired and things were once again under way, but once again and further down the line this fizzled out. I only wanted a really simple website, something that let my photos do the talking, but a site that has a CMS backend for easy administration. I’d have done it myself like my original website but I’d decided it would be quicker and easier to get someone else to do it. Little did I know how long it would eventually end up taking!

Finally Dan from was able to help me put my plan into action and quickly and efficiently my website was back online. If you’re a model or photographer looking to get a portfolio site I’d recommend that you contact these guys as they’re easy to work with, and their CMS is simple and easy to use.

In other news, Team Binkertson are busy working away and plotting their next shoots so keep checking out for all the latest goings on by myself (Adam Robertson) and Madame Bink. We even managed to drop past a fair camera in hand and snapped a few photos.

Adam Robertson Photography //

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Studio Art Nudes with Madame Bink

Dating an Art Nude model (Madame Bink) I'm forever seeing her new work and I'm always in awe of several of the talented and amazing photographers she gets to work with. She has done some incredible shoots in the most beautiful locations and I find it totally inspirational. I've not really had much experience in shooting what most would call Art Nude, I've shot Glamour Nude, Nude and Erotic Nude but for me Art Nude is an area I've lacked experience in or to find the right models to work with minus the odd exception.

With my upcoming website launch in mind I needed to fill some of the gaps on my gallery, so I decided to book Madame Bink for a shoot and pay her for her art nude modelling talents. With the shoot being in London (at Technical Boys studio) I also got the chance to watch her work with one of her regular clients and to see how other people approach their ideas and lighting for nudes.

I wanted stripped back simple images, mainly grey background work shot with a few simple lighting setups and with minimal props;  the only props we ended up using were boxes for her to prop herself onto. For me the shoot was all about getting the chance to experiment with the photography side of things without having to work with the model as well. Booking Madame Bink was the best way to do this, as her years of experience in studio work meant that my work was cut in half as after I setup my lighting she knew exactly where and how to pose with minimal guidance, this left me free to concentrate more on the lighting, composition and technical parts.

Another big part of the shoot for me was shooting with black and white images in mind, I rarely process to black and white and certainly get irritated by the quantity of black and white imagery I see with poor tonal ranges and far from being an acceptable “black and white” image. With that in mind I shot most of the work with black and white processing in mind, and one set with a cold, grey/blue tone in mind.

I’ve attached a few examples from the shoot, overall I was very happy with the booking, as Madame Bink did exactly what was required. The key thing I learnt from it was that I need to learn more about light spill onto paper and controlling shadows on the floor. If you book the best models you get the best images, who knows some of them can even help you with lighting hints and tips.

To find out more about Madame Bink check her Blog [ Click Me ]

Adam Robertson //