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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My website is back online -

I've missed my website, It’s been offline for a long time and a rather sore point when questioned about it. Much like anything that represents your business you want it done right. 

I hired a web designer and gave him a brief. After two months of the site being offline I thought things were finally well underway. After around three months that web designer decided he could no longer commit to the project for the agreed fee.

So back on the hunt and a new designer hired and things were once again under way, but once again and further down the line this fizzled out. I only wanted a really simple website, something that let my photos do the talking, but a site that has a CMS backend for easy administration. I’d have done it myself like my original website but I’d decided it would be quicker and easier to get someone else to do it. Little did I know how long it would eventually end up taking!

Finally Dan from was able to help me put my plan into action and quickly and efficiently my website was back online. If you’re a model or photographer looking to get a portfolio site I’d recommend that you contact these guys as they’re easy to work with, and their CMS is simple and easy to use.

In other news, Team Binkertson are busy working away and plotting their next shoots so keep checking out for all the latest goings on by myself (Adam Robertson) and Madame Bink. We even managed to drop past a fair camera in hand and snapped a few photos.

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