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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sunrise shoot with Keira Grant

Here are some of my first edits from Mission Beach, Australia. These shots were taken about 30 meters away from our balcony at around 5.30am on one of the mornings with a beautiful sunrise.

Keira is a full time travelling model, from Houston, Texas, USA. She has a great athletic body tone and a mass of beautiful curly hair that bounces around photographs.

Our images were taking during a really short shoot, I think we only shot 20 frames in a couple of minutes, but the colours were so amazing we couldn't miss the chance to shoot (be it short and sweet). 

Luckily Keira found the time to model for me on another morning so more photos will be posted from that shoot soon.

You can see more of Keira's beautiful work at the following links:

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Adam Robertson and Madame Bink on tour - Zoe Fest Australia 2010

I'm Home....

So I'm back from my travels with a rather larger abundance of images to edit than I'd planned on. I wasn't sure if I'd be shooting on my travels but plans change and in the end I managed to shoot four models from various countries around the world, and lots of stuff with my beautiful girlfriend Madame Bink.

For those of you who don't know, we went to Australia via Singapore and Back to London via Hong Kong. Singapore and Hong Kong was a great experience and we got to see lots and do lots in a short space of time. (more about those to come in another blog) Australia was all about one thing, getting to mission beach and finally meeting all of the 2010 attendees of Zoe Fest. 

What is Zoe Fest?

"It’s basically an artist retreat/vacation, meeting of like minded people It is a private gathering of artists who are also members of ARTnudes Network or Community Zoe. We usually shoot during the day and have nightly activities, like slide shows, print trading, socializing, BBQs, dinners… we go do touristy things together, etc. Tis a lot of fun. You can come and just hang out if you don’t want to shoot, you can shoot, whatever. It’s your own plan makings during the day. We don’t set anything up nor are we responsible for your daily activities. We normally have a ”hello” meeting at the start of the get together so everyone can meet each other."

"Zoe Fest is not a commercial endeavour."

(So for those of you who were confused there's a little bit of information about the gathering.)

This was my first ever attendance of an event of this type, and I was rather nervous about fitting into a pre existing group of friends, of which I'd had very little contact. But from the very first meeting in Cairns with Phil Chaplin and Malcolm Grant I knew that were going to be good times ahead. I was impressed with the mixture of models and photographers from all over the world and how welcoming everyone was and what great friendships had been built at the previous events. 

Here's a couple of travel photos from Mission Beach to wet your appetite for the shoots to come.

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

I'm off on Holiday tomorrow..... Yey!

So Madame Bink and I are currently in a crazy flurry of packing ready for our travels tomorrow. We're heading to Frankfurt in the evening to catch our connecting flight to Singapore. From Singapore we'll be heading onto Australia for 2 1/2 weeks, before heading for a few days of shopping and pampering in Hong Kong before the 13 hour flight home.

Darwin - Australia
Hong Kong

Finally before I go to sleep.... Living in a crazy busy house it often means that there's lots of models, make-up artists, stylists and photographers floating around. A few weeks ago Gestalta was staying over as she was busy shooting with Stefano Brunesci and and also some natural portraits with Binkography. I managed to grab a few moments with her before she left to do a few photos so here they are...

Things that go BUMP in the night. (night time light painting)

Gestalta forgot to bring underwear :(

Fooling Around with head shots

A little Voyeuristic Fashion series

Gestalta has a love for the weird wild and naked, so welcome Miss Piggy

Be prepared for a lot of travel blogs whilst I'm away (if I can find places to upload and blog) If I cannot do them whilst I'm away I'll be spoon feeding them as I'm back with lots of photos and stories.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Inspiration of the Month: "The Girls of 2pm" by Henrik Adamsen

Inspiration of the month: The Girls of 2pm by Henrik Adamsen - Taken from Fashion Gone Rogue *check it out

This months inspiration comes in a rather plain, simple, relaxed and casual form by Henrik Adamsen.

"Photographer Henrik Adamsen offers us a peak at the latest show cards from Danish agency, 2pm. When shooting the girls, Adamsen decided less was more with black and white studio shots featuring the models in semi states of undress. The result is a beautiful series of portraits that include girls with varying levels of experience such as Maria Heloisa, Louise Pedersen, Claudia, Malene Knudsen, Dorte, Charlotte, Anna Trosko, Agnete Hegelund and more. Take a look as the girls strip down for the upcoming spring season." Written by Joanna

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