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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A photoshoot with Alicia Seffras

A few photos from a recent shoot with the gorgeous Alicia Seffras. Hope you enjoy, all hair and make-up was done by Alicia as she's also a talented make-up artist, amongst many other things.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Client Shoot with Jay Cullen @ D1 Models

A mix of photos from a recent session with Jay Cullen @ D1, enjoy. If you are agency signed and wish to book a shoot, Email Me.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

A photoshoot with the emotive and very French Audrey

A few photos from my shoot with the awesome Audrey.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pacific 2012 - Charlie Martell, Ocean Rower

I get to meet some really interesting people through my work, and Charlie Martell was definitely one of those people. He's getting ready for a fund raising rowing challenge which if completed will see him claiming his third Guinness World Record.

I was booked to take some press shots of Charlie by the ever so lovely Romaine over at Devotion PR, so here are a few of my photos and below is the press release about what Charlie is doing and why.

 Charlie Martell
Challenges the Everest of the Oceans

In May 2012 double Guinness World Record holder and Army Commando, Charlie Martell will row solo and unsupported for 6,000 miles across the North Pacific from Japan to the USA to raise funds for his chosen charities & set a new Guinness World Record for the first and fastest solo Briton.  

The route, known as the Everest of The Oceans, could take Charlie more than six months to complete, but to take the world record he will have to do it in just four months whilst battling through the typhoon season, the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ – a belt of seismic and volcanic activity - and dodging migrating whales.  The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean basins in the world and once out in the middle, Charlie is days from being rescued.  

Only one (French) ocean-rower has ever successfully completed an unsupported row on this treacherous west-to-east crossing and Martell intends to become the first Briton to make the crossing alone and unsupported (he carries all his food and provisions on board with no support back-up boat). 

Charlie will be raising money for Give Them a Sporting Chance, which enables disabled people to fulfil their sporting ambitions, and Toe in the Water, which provides competitive sailing for injured service personnel

The objectives of the challenge are:

1. To set a new crossing record, the current solo record is 134 days

2. To become the first Briton to complete this route alone and unsupported

3. To raise funds for, and awareness of, two charities - "Toe in The Water" - and "Give Them a Sporting Chance" -

Charlie Martell is a Mine Action Specialist who started his career serving with the British Army in Iraq and also in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. He has since gone on to work for the United Nations and The HALO Trust specialising in mine clearance and post-conflict recovery in war-torn countries. 
Martell first launched the idea for Pacific 2012 after an inspiring meeting with the charity Give Them A Sporting Chance which enables those with disabilities - of all ages - to complete their sporting ambitions.  Martell is also a core crew member of another charity, Toe in the Water - who offer competitive sailing for servicemen and women who have often suffered traumatic injuries. Bringing these two charities together has been Martell's mission in the last year and he has been the powerhouse behind the Pacific 2012 challenge which aims to raise much needed funds for both organisations.

Charlie Martell is the son of Gloucestershire farmer and well-known cheese-maker, Charles Martell who’s creation, Stinking Bishop cheese, is equally loved and loathed the world over for its pungent smell and delicate taste. Having sailed as a child and with family links to the Royal Navy stretching back generations, Martell is at home on the water. Swapping his sails for oars, this challenge will be the ultimate test in mental strength and endurance. All the qualities that he possesses and will put in to practice for the epic journey that lies ahead of him. 

Press/Contact Information:
Romaine Flint Wood, or 07834 352661

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