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Friday, 29 May 2009

Tattoo Updates - Lady Finished, Pocket Watch Finished, Razor Started

I had some time off work recently and managed (in between all of the chaos) to pop and see Leigh (Till I Die Designs) to get some more work done on my Old Skool Sleeve he is doing!

I'm really pleased with all of the work he's done so far... He's done an awesome Old Skool Cassette with Wings, A Hot Lady... and this time he Added a Triangle Pocket Watch, and A Cut Throat Razor.

This Session^ He finished off the Very Hot Lady, and Added the Pocket Watch and Cut Throat Razor (The Razor isn't complete yet). I think for our next session he's going to do one massive lining session, which will be a Mexican Sugar/Candy Skull Design, Some Swallows, and something Nautical to fill the gap by my wrist! Once all that's done hopefully i can book in for a day and get the whole arm coloured and my sleeve will be nearning completion which i am sooooo happy about, i hate waiting and incomplete things... but these things take time!

Keep your eyes peeled for a massive blog coming soon on my shenanigans and shoots from last week, there's loads of hot photo teasers to come and loads of behind the scenes shots!