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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

#ipict iPhone Photo Challenge

So here are the rules for the #ipict Twitter/iPhone photo challange!

1.No talking about #ipict (hehe, couldn't help myself)
2.Only iPhone's allowed (shooting and post production)
3.Shoot has to be arranged and planned using Twitter.
4.Only models that you have never worked with in the past allowed.
5.No studio lighting.
6.Closing date, end of Dec 2009

Starting date: NOW!!!

All photos will be posted and voted on by all the followers of those
taking part! This is just for fun and the prizes will be a couple
extra followers if we are lucky and hopefully some really cool and
creative images.

When posting images please make sure to add the #ipict tag and a short
explanation of what apps where used in the post production.
Have fun and let's start being creative!