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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What do you look for in a Blog?

Hello everyone,

I follow a lot of blogs, and I've noticed how people have their own 'in house' style within their own blogs; always concentrating on the same or similar content with every post. I was curious to know if they do it because it's what their readers want, or if it's a convenience thing. Which got me think wondering, what do you look for in a blog? (Relating to the photography/modelling industry)

- Long stories?
- Photoshoot photos?
- Behind the scenes photos?
- Retouching Tutorials? (Before and After etc)
- Random Photography related posts?
- Personal Projects?
- Inspirational Photos?

What grabs your attention and really keeps you coming back to a blog time and time again, would you like to be able to participate more within a blog? I.E. challenges and competitions?


  1. I like behind the scenes photos and final photos from the shoots :)

  2. My attention is usually grabbed by a beautiful photo, but I find that I return to a blog to read the stories behind what's going on. Tutorials are always worth reading. I'm not really one to give an opinion. My blog is more like a journal. Not really professional.

  3. As a Techie photographer I usually look for:

    Photography Tutorials/tips
    -Other equipment
    -Location stuff

    Behind the scenes
    -why you did things
    -how you did things
    -Videos showing togs at work

    Post-production stuff
    -Why you did stuff
    -How you did stuff inc before + after, maybe in stages

    Showing photos is fine but I like to hear the story behind them. This can be techie or otherwise. E.g. Joe McNally's The Moment it Clicks was great.

    Random other stuff too, although keep it interesting or occasional as just random junk won't keep me interested.

  4. All of the above, but, like you, that's why I try keep an eye on a pile of sites.

  5. Find those with RSS feeds to be very handy - just let a news reader like Google Reader, intraVnews, Sage etc keep track of them.
    Since Adam is using Blogspot - it's all covered.

    There are some notable blogs without this e.g. Lithium Picnic + Thom Hogan (Nikon bod).

  6. What do I look like in a blog? Something to make me laugh. Something to help me learn. Something to make me go oooooooh..... :)

  7. BTW IF you do lighting diagrams for us phto techies/geeks then this might be useful:

  8. I just like a few choice shots, a behind the scenes story, credit to the relevant people & a little bit about the inspiration.