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Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Shoot of 2010 - Fashion Watersports with Sohui

So the new year is upon me and it's time to get working on those resolutions... my first creative shoot of 2010 was with Sohui and we'd decided to go for something a little bit different than the rest of her portfolio and something she thought a little more her. So we decided to shoot some grungey dark fashion stuff but with a twist.

We shot a few different looks but the one idea that seemed to work the best for us was the an idea involving water + fashion + spraying the water towards the camera!

My new website should actually be ready to launch soon, it's a simple portfolio site which will host my Photos Videos and be a base for people to contact me through! So keep your eyes open for a blog about that, lots of photos on there that may not have been seen by many people!

and no blog would be complete without some behind the scenes photos of Sohui and Ruby doing makeup and being silly!!

Adam Robertson //


  1. I do have to say that is one impressive shot Adam. To get that explicit timing but actually produce an impeccable result... just WOW!

  2. yeah it took a lot of patience but it was totally worth it for the shot, defo an interesting and creative photo for a portfolio!

  3. I have always liked water movement in photography, it's hard to find a good shot though - you did great to get that one. I think spitting looks so rock 'n' roll.

  4. awww really, thank you so much Nina, always great to hear good feedback :D

    I'll maybe have to do some more! :D