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Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Week is here...

If there's a buzz around Internet land at the moment it's because it's London Fashion week, and everyone is ready for shows, parties and none stop busy. If you want to see who is on and when, be sure to check out the Show Schedule.

I sadly couldn't make it to any of the parties as I'm so busy right now before my ever closer travels to Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. I cannot wait to get on the plane and enjoy a few weeks of relaxation away from work and the UK.

If you want to watch the live streaming though be sure to check out the following link:

*photo to help me get in the holiday mood*

Adam Robertson //


  1. Happy holiday! I'm catching a show on Wednesday which I seem to know a whole bunch of models in. Should be fun!

  2. Thanks Cecilie, not going just yet but will take lots of beautiful photos to show you when we get back :D

    Have fun at your show, You'll be happy surrounded by all your boys ;) hehe!