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Monday, 23 August 2010

Shooting the wonderful Ella Darling

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with the beautiful Ella Darling. She arrived late on a Friday night so that we could be up on the Saturday to catch the morning light. Being England this however was a bit of a struggle due to huge black clouds and miserable rain, but we got our plans underway and got on with things.

Ella has a slender/petite frame and very short hair, this allows her to play with a more androgynous look in photos which I think works really well within both Fashion and Beauty. We shot a mixture of high key lingerie/topless in the studio whilst the weather was bad, before heading out to shoot lots of lovely fashion stuff in the beautiful surroundings of Wiltshire.

For the editing on these photos I'd decided to go for some typeface work with some new brushes I had to give them some text. It's interesting coming up with words to go with images, sometimes things pop into your head and with no relation to the photo they somehow work. I hope you enjoy the photos, please feel free to leave feedback via the comment box at the bottom of the blog.

Since working with Ella I've done a few more shoots so those photos and behind the scenes will follow soon. In the mean time here's some behind the scenes from the Ella shoot taken by Team Binkertson.

Adam Robertson //

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