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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Photoshoot with Issy

I really like Issy, she's one super tall lady with one infectious personality. I always know when she drops by to shoot that something fun and creative will happy, not to mention she's the only 6ft + lady to ever get off of a train and give me an orchid lol (Thanks for the belated birthday present btw Issy, it's still alive and well).

Issy is a 6ft 1 Ugandan model with a penchant for the weird and wild when it comes to her hair. She rocked up to this shoot with an almost shaved head, full of red white and blue hair. We decided to work on putting emotions into photos and shooting some really candid and relaxed stuff, until I noticed a very swooshy dress Issy had, so we had to finish with some fun and movement games with that.

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