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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Another sunrise shoot with Keira Grant

As promised here's some more of Keira. It was yet another 5am start and another sunrise shoot with Keira Grant. This time we'd decided to head down Mission Beach to Clump Point to play around with all the rocks there.

It was so inspiring being able to explore such a wide variation of shoot locations in such a small area, you had full on white sandy beaches, palm trees and greenery, sharp rocks, smooth rocks, fallen trees and so much more.The tree which seemed to wrap around and be growing out of the rock really caught my attention.

Being at Zoefest was so much more inspiring than I ever thought it could be. Watching the nightly slide-shows over the week really gave me some inspiration. It's weird shooting a genre in which you feel that you have no signature style, I think it leads to images being very different from what you do shoot yet somehow still appearing to be an image that can be easily noticed as yours.

You can see more of Keira's beautiful work at the following links:

 Adam Robertson //


  1. Great location, used in a great way :)

  2. Thanks Cecilie, It can be so totally overwhelming when you're in such a beautiful location. I think I quickly found my flow and my ideas came out as they were in my head. Hope all is well with you,hoping to get into London with Binky for some Christmas drinks or something with all London peeps before Christmas eve