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Saturday, 20 November 2010

A cloudy day fashion shoot with Madame Bink at Mission Beach, Australia

A cloudy day fashion shoot with Madame Bink at Mission Beach, Australia. A Team Binkertson project.

When we first arrived at Mission Beach, the weather was looking rather bleak, with lots of monsoon rain and dark clouds. It looked like finding the time to shoot would be really hit and miss. It was a rather cloudy day when Bink and I decided to take a stroll along the beach to shoot some fashion shots, with the sun peeking through the clouds every few minutes and causing harsh sunlight it wasn't the best conditions to shoot in. 

We soon found a nice shaded area with lots of interesting colours, and decided to use this as the base point for the shoot. Bink was dressed in an ethnic green dress bought from a local shop that was full of interesting clothing. We decided the dress would suit all of the surroundings on the beach and that it would create some striking tonal ranges with the sand, the trees and leaves.

I love how Bink's long cascading hair swirls freely in the breeze and creates some elegant movement in the photos. There’s such a relaxed, candid feel to the photos it’s almost as if you can feel the soft sea breeze hitting your face, creating that moment of bliss you get the first time you walk on a new beach. I really enjoy working in new countries; there are always so many new textures and environments to explore.

More photos coming soon from my Australia tour including Art Nudes of Madame Bink, Tara Liggett, Carlotta Champagne and Emma Jayne.

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  1. nice :D
    good choice of dress. Bink is so nice and brown she looks like an exotic native!

  2. I really like the colours in this image series. Nice work team binky :)

  3. Oh she is so bloody gorgeous it isn't fair! This could be an editorial, it's perfect.x

  4. Really really like these... hats off to you both :)

  5. Wow this lady gets more and more beautiful! Don't always see loads of images capturing Bink's long hair in all it's amazingness, it looks incredible here, as well as the light in her eyes. I love the first horizontal shot you added. The dress is so perfect, I can almost feel the atmosphere and warm breeze - amazing photographs that really take me far away.