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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Elegy Ellem came to visit from Sweden...

Ellem came to visit and it ended up being one of my last shoots of 2010.

Sometimes I realise how lucky I've been with my photography, I've travelled the world and I've worked with models from more countries than I can ever remember. So it's nice when models visiting from abroad take the time out to come visit. Elegy Ellem was visiting from Sweden and dropped by to hangout and shoot some Lady Lucie Latex and some new images for her portfolio, as she's changed a lot since we first worked together, and is a lot more experienced.

To see more of her creative work, check out her website:

Whilst Ellem was over Madame Bink also had the beautiful Ivory Flame visiting for their Harmony of two work. Lady Lucie had sent so many clothes for me to shoot that we decided to shoot a little Christmas treat of Ellem, Flame and Binky from Team Binkertson.

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  1. Love that last image in particular with Ivory and Bink in it as well. So cute :)