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Friday, 21 January 2011

The happy giddy bundle of northern that is Katy Cee

My first shoot of 2011 was with Katy Cee (, we were shooting a fashion editorial with a full team, so Katy arrived the night before the shoot so we could get an early start the following day.

That evening we decided to test out some bits for the editorial the following day,and to try out some movement ideas. Katy (having lost her make-up bag to the magical fairies) ended up barefaced with just some Vaseline on her eyelids, but we got some really good results thanks to her awesome naturalness.

Here's a few black and white images we took testing out different lighting set-ups. Katy rocks and was all up for fun crops and messing around with different ideas, which really helps creativity flow.

The editorial will be posted once published :D

Adam Robertson //


  1. She definately rocks! Brilliant work with her Adam, they show your awesome skill, I love the experimentation, these effects are LUSH!!
    And I love the first black & white one, super tones and contrast and the no-make-up-look works great! Effing wikid! :-P

  2. These effects you've been using in the top images are pretty damn cool :)

  3. Pretty cool effect. Was that a slow sync or post production?