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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A shoot with Lauren Carter and Lyndsey Harrison

As one of my new years resolutions was to work with a wider and more varied selection of agency models, a chance came up to work with Lauren Carter (BMA Models). Lauren has a very classical look which is clear throughout her portfolio, I wanted to utilise this but I also wanted to try and get more of an edge into her look. 

We had the talented and creative make-up artist Lyndsey Harrison for Make-up and Hair. Lyndsey always takes takes the mood-boards and creates exactly what I've envisioned in my head, without me even telling her.

Here are a selection of photos from the shoot.

Adam Robertson //


  1. Oh I love lauren, the colour shot is to die for, she looks hot!

  2. that last one is absolute perfection. stunning styling and MU also !

  3. @Sandra - Thank you very much, I enjoyed the colour set lots, was fun getting Lauren to give more edge.

    @Sara - Thanks, that was my styling! :D and Lyndsey always does a fantastic job on make-up!