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Saturday, 3 December 2011

From MOVEMBER to December

I'd just thought I'd take the time out to thank all of you who sponsored me during the Mo growing month of Movember. It's for a great cause and it has most certainly made me think more about mens health and having yearly checkups with my local GP.

To all those who donated:

Tom Bramwell
Adele Fraser
Isabella Nyapolo
Holly L
Murry Laidlaw
Jessica-Louise Abidde
Eileen Peacock
Jane and Pete
Elin Davies
Vicki Waghorn
Samantha Robertson
Sophia Adams
Jane Hargrave
John Wheatley
Marc Johntson
Dan Hubbert
Graeme Trott
Lux Tenabre
Ally Richards
Nicolas Laborie
Jay Jessop
Deirdre Marie O'Sullivan
Lisa Dyson
and the Anonymous ones


The various stages of the mo and some mo grooming....(In no order)

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