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Thursday, 15 December 2011

What's your everyday camera?

As photographers, we're probably aware what's around us most of the time. We look at details, shapes and light, and we often document these things with our everyday cameras; be it a phone, compact digital, a film camera or whatever else we have to hand.

I always have my phone in my pocket so should I need to take a photo I can do so, but I'm often left waiting for the camera to open, and missing the moment due to the phone not being quick enough. This has left me longing for something to bridge the gap between my phone and DSLR's, and after reading numerous blogs I still can't decide what I want.

I recently saw Jay McLaughlin's blog about his Olympus E-PL1 camera and I've seen other photographers blogs about their Canon Powershot G-12 or their Sony Nex-7, or equivalents. 

I guess what I'm looking for from those that use them, what made you make your final choice? What requirements did you have, and has it fullfilled those requirements since you got it? Is there anything you wanted it to do that it doesn't and you now know one that fills that requirement? Would you change to that one?

I'd be looking for something that's rather small and light, easy to use menus etc, that has the capability work work in varying scenarios i.e. harsh sunlight and low light etc so I think the Canon Powershot G-12 (or any other from that range) would be suited to what I want.

Feel free to comment underneath and share your everyday camera blogs/photos etc, I'd love to know what you use and how you use them

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  1. I don't personally have something like that (my digi compact is old and decrepit) but I sometimes use a G12 with work. Nice photos TBH although the sensor is absolutely tiny.

    Would fancy a Fuji X100 but the fixed lens is a bit restrictive. Rumour is they're working on a version with interchangeable lens though :) LX10

    Worth a read:

  2. Everyday use, just for the unexpected, "back pocket", (short of, doesn't fit), I have the Nikon One. Real good up to now, good battery life, plenty of lenses, quick and stable. For me, it has to be a Canon or a Nikon!

  3. Shouldn't a true photographer have their primary strapped to their back 24/7? That's pretty iffy if you're a large format photographer, but in the smaller format and digital world, why would you go anywhere without your baby?

  4. @sven ellirand - baring in mind I shoot on a 5D MKII with a 70-200 f2.8 attached most of the time, I don't really find it practical to take that with me on a day to day basis, and if I do it's in its bag. I want something that I can keep on my person or in a small bag with me that I can take out and take decent shots with.

  5. Rereading what I wrote, it seems like a pretty dick thing to say. I wasn't intimating that someone is less of an artist if they don't lug their primary around. Honestly, if I could afford to, I would probably invest in something smaller than my 50d. Luckily I primarily shoot with a tiny 24/2.8. There are a number of crazy high quality point and shoots, that still give you manual control.

    Much respect.