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Monday, 12 December 2011

New sponsors and free stuff

Thought I'd end the year with some good news about tee shirt sponsors for 2012 and other awesome free stuff I'm rocking...

1. New t-shirt sponsorship - from the awesome Sasha over at Smut Clothing - looks like 2012 will be the year of rocking SMUT t-shirts at work. Which I can't complain about, I've been an avid wearer/collector of t-shirts for a long time and have a vast collection of his collection already. So keep your eyes peeled for behind the scenes in 2012 as I'm sure you'll see me rocking his tee's.

2. Awesome Jeans - from the guys at SNAKEANDDAGGER. I met these guys in East London as their show room was in the same building as my studio. They were kind enough to give me some cool jeans to wear on shoots etc. They are quite possibly some of the nicest feeling denim I've ever worn, they're just so damn comfy. Definitely head over to and check them out. Hopefully 2012 will see me wearing some more of their stuff.

I was going to blog about camera bags, but I'll save that for another time, as I'm sure like most photographers searching for the best/most practical/comfy camera bags is an ongoing thing . 

I am however on the lookout for some good single strap shoulder bags, for the Creative Wedding Duo to use at weddings, so if anyone out there wants to send me some, get in touch on

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  1. So does that mean you have jeans your ass doesn't hang out of now? Or since these are fashionable do they come pre-worn so your ass hangs out?