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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mission Beach Nudes with Madame Bink

So I'm finally catching up with the epic amount of editing that I built up on my travels, and the majority of it is coming to the end now. It's so nice editing photos and remembering the great times I was having on my travels, the sun, the sand, the amazing people.

This blog is showcasing some of the nudes that I shot with my gorgeous Madame Bink, as Team Binkertson projects.

Let me know which ones you guys like with a little comment on the blog...

Adam Robertson //


  1. All gorgeous!!!
    Absolute fav:
    So sultry. But all lovely, well done (as always) you two.
    Seems a very long way off from the view out of my window at the moment! (Lots of snow).

  2. favourites are these two

  3. This makes me miss the ocean! Particularly liking the images with the blue sky. Very beautiful and timeless :)