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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"One night in Hong Kong" with Madame Bink

Hong Kong - Team Binkertson night time fashion shoot.

Feeling rather tired from all of the flights we'd been on during our travels, getting to Hong Kong felt like a good chance to relax and pamper ourselves. After some much needed rest & relaxation we decided to head out and do some night time street fashion.

With there being so many lights at first I thought it would be easy to get a lot of cool background Bokeh, but once down on the streets, it was apparent that the lights were all a lot higher than I'd thought, so I needed to change my tactics a little to get the shots I wanted.

It's funny shooting on such busy streets, some people walk past and stare in some form of anger/annoyance, some people walk past oblivious and some people just watch out of curiosity. It's good being able to catch a moment of calm on such a busy street, so capturing some form of movement around Madame Bink was something that I wanted to get.

It's almost Christmas and I'm so excited, I just really hope that this weather changes and that Binky and I get to where we want to go. 

 Adam Robertson //


  1. This is a pretty cool series Mr Robertson :). A very happy Christmas to you xx

  2. Thanks Lovely lady, have a great Christmas too. Hopefully see you in the early part of 2011 :D miss you.. Xx

  3. I love them! Especially the ones where Binky's hair looks like a kind of shrug. Very cool!